How To Make Beeswax Candles

During this class you will learn how to:

•    Work with beeswax
•    All the wonderful qualities of beeswax
•    How to make tealights•    How to make tapers
•    The topic of what wick is the best for this wax

I will share the important conclusions that I have come to over many years when it comes to making and burning beeswax candles. When I make a candle I want it to burn cleanly, burn all the way down without dripping and have no left over wax NOR a crater down the middle of the candle as paraffin pillars tend to do.

Everyone will get a pair of tealights & a pair of 6” tapers.

A list of tried resources, local and on the internet will be provided. We will be making tealights & tapers during this class. Barbara Myers has been using beeswax for many purposes for years and LOVES the wax and how glorious it burns in a taper. She will give you a thorough appreciation of this golden treasure.

There is a $40 fee for this class.
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