Why our clients choose us …

“After happily discovering the benefits of Barbara’s products for myself, I began giving the soaps, crèmes and lotions as gifts. Now I order in advance and keep a supply on hand for birthdays and hostess gifts. My family and friends are always thrilled to receive Barbara’s products, especially in the beautiful gift baskets. Thank you,Barbara!”

JS in PA

“Being a 62 y/o female I have been looking for a hand and foot creme to soften my aging skin. I have tried over the counter cremes to no avail. Nothing worked until Barbara’s hand and foot cremes became available to me. In just 2 treatments there was a noticeable difference in my skin tone. The fragrances also were wonderful and aromatic. I also was looking for a lip balm because most everything I tried, failed. Simple Sister came to my rescue and I’m kissable again!! I recommend these products and you’ll see the difference immediately.”

Elsa in PA

“I have used many soaps & lotions over the years by major manufacturers and other natural products, but I have found Barbara’s products to be the best I have ever used.”

DM in PA

“Since I have been using Barbara’s soaps my body is not dry and itchy after a shower as it always was with commercial soaps.”

MS in PA

“I suffer from athrophic dermatitis. I can never use soaps or lotions unless they are prescription. Not only could I use Barbara’s soaps & lotions, but they cleared up my dry chapped skin better then prescription products!”

CN in PA

“I LOVE the products! They all seem to work very well with my skin & are not drying at all, even the VR scrub. I have been using the scrub daily & there’s been no dryness, irritation or redness. Simple Sister is the answer to my skin issues!”

KC in PA

“When Barbara offered me a sample of her face cream, I mostly took it to be polite. I had become quite a skeptic about creams and lotions because my skin is so sensitive. What a surprise I got when I used it! It actually worked!! Over the years, (I’m 74) I’ve tried many brands of face cream, and never have I found one that totally satisfied me. Now I have. HURRAH!! Barbara’s cream comes in a 2 oz. jar and all of it gets used. It is simply all natural and Barbara uses high quality oils and other ingredients. The cream is light and easy to apply and it absorbs quickly. A little goes a long way so it lasts longer then similar products. Best of all it really makes a difference in my skin. The lines at the corners of my eyes have been greatly reduced – almost disappeared!! My skin looks brighter and so feels so much smoother. I am happy and totally satisfied with Barbara’s VR Face Cream. “

LC in PA

“Certainly you can purchase health foods and supplements from one of the box store providers and you may even save a penny or two. However, who are you really purchasing your products from? In many cases, the person behind the counter has little if any advanced knowledge about the product, let alone how it might either help or hurt you. Barbara Myers and her Willow Health and Wellness Center is not that person or business. Not only is she a Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner and a Certified Nutritional Counselor, Barbara is certified as a Natural Health Professional and a Naturopathic Doctor. So when she offers advice, it comes with the knowledge of someone who has studied, mastered and has been certified in her profession. It may mean the difference between wasting money or getting the help you really need.”

JC from Fort Washington

“Several weeks ago I was was diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis/Painful Bladder Syndrome, but several months before I received my official diagnosis I came to Barbara Myers ND, MH, CNC with what was the suspected diagnosis above. I had been in a full blown flair for almost six weeks at that point and the pain was excruciating. I had tried everything and nothing was really working to ease the pain and discomfort.I finally made the decision to stop in and talk with Barbara because she had never steered me wrong before and had made very good recommendations for helping me with insomnia and over all health in the past.

After describing what I was feeling and telling her what the suspected diagnosis was she recommended that I start taking Glucosamine and Chrondriotin w/ Hyaluronic Acid to help rebuild the lining of my bladder and urethra and to start taking Curamin Extra Strength to ease the pain and inflammation the IC/PBS was causing me. I started taking the combination immediately. The Curamin helped within hours with the pain and in about seventy two hours I found that not only was the pain subsiding but the bloating, burning and nausea was starting to subside. A week later the flair had been eased completely.

When I told my Urologist what I had been taking to help my condition she told me that Barbara had done the best thing for me, that she would have prescribed Hyaluronic Acid for me but the prescription version would cause me to have major hair loss and usually took about six weeks to become effective. She told me if it was working to for me I should continue to take it. Obviously since it was working and I am not loosing my hair I am going to continue to take the natural version that Barbara advised me to take.

I can not thank Barbara enough, it has been one thing to advise for sleep issues and general health, but to receive such extraordinary advice for what is going to be a lifetime health issue has been amazing.

Barbara once again thank your for your advice and listening to me, after having been misdiagnosed or told that this was in my head since I was in my early twenties I can not thank you enough for your help. I finally feel like I can get back to a normal life now and that when I have flairs I have an alternative to the prescriptions or OTC medications that don’t really work or leave me sick to my stomach.”

KBN from Chalfont