Wellness Counseling

Barbara Myers,  ND is a traditional naturopath, master herbalist and a nutritional counselor.  As a holistic practitioner, Barbara is always focused on getting to the root of any issue because that is where the healing truly needs to start.  With years of experience working with people through their issues and challenges, Barbara has a unique ability to target the areas that need work and to get to the root of the problem.

When making an appointment with Barbara Myers, ND, we will email a medical history form to fill out before you come to your appointment and email or mail it back to us if that is possible.  We also ask them to email/mail or bring any tests that have been run in the past 6 months.  I will review any information that has been sent to me before our appointment.  During that first appointment, Barbara will  perform an interview with you asking you about as many aspects of your life that you are comfortable with sharing with her.  Each of us are a whole being with a body, soul and spirit and these parts of ourselves can have profound effects on each other.  We also get into your living and working environment which can, as well have a profound effect on your health and well being.  We get into the products you use on yourself and in your home as well.  Barbara is working to get a “whole” picture of who you are as we begin our journey together to bring you to optimum health.

Barbara is an experienced and educated traditional naturopath.  She have extensive experience with herbs and am trained as a clinical herbalist and master herbalist.  We always prefer treating (when necessary) with herbs and herbal formulas then with pharmaceuticals. We do believe that pharmaceuticals have a place in the medical world but I also feel they are very over used and used when not needed.

We treat all our clients holistically taking all aspects of their life into consideration when working with them on a plan to reach their optimal health.  To anyone considering scheduling with Barbara, I would caution you that as we progress in your journey, you may need to do some things which can be difficult such as changing your diet, committing to good rest & sleep and/or replacing items that are toxic.  I would ask you to ask yourself if you are ready and willing to go forward with change in your life that will bring you better health and wellness.

What is a Traditional Naturopath ?

To make an appointment email barb@willowhealthfood.com