Wellness Counseling

What we eat is the most important decision we make each day. The food we eat will either nourish our bodies and promote health or it will stress the body out and take it down the slippery slide to chronic health problems and disease.

It is more rewarding to eat a healthy diet each day and the benefits you will receive day to day and longterm make it worth the effort. It is worth the time in the supermarket to read the ingredients of all those easy to prepare foods that are consumed. Most of the ingredients contain little if any real food. There are chemicals, dyes and favorings and many contain HFCS or another form of corn sugar under another less known name. HFCS is one of the many reasons for so much obesity and diabetes in this country today.

We, at Willow Health Food & Wellness Center, using extensive interviews will evaluate your eating habits and create a Nutrition Plan for your individual needs. The goal is always to have an enjoyable eating experience. Eating a healthy diet is not only enjoyable but it is fulfilling. Eating nutritious foods satisfy the body and you will crave less foods if you give the body the nutrients it needs. Getting the body back on track so it is consuming nutritious foods and digesting them properly is our goal.

We will also work with you to adjust the bad habits that you have formed over your life, such as eating those salty or sugar snacks late at night or any other habits which negatively affect your health. We want to make your life as healthy and your mealtimes as fulfilling and satisfying as you can achieve.

Lifestyle counseling and Nutrition counseling can be combined into a single package for those interested in changing more then just their diets.

To make an appointment call 215-997-2838 or email barb@willowhealthfood.com

Willow Health & Wellness Center introduces our new website and online store. As we transition from a storefront to an online presence we want to let you know that we will still be offering all of the services we did in the store such as naturopathic consultations, various classes for herbal learning and DIY projects, Ion cleanse, ear candling, Bach flower analysis and we have contact info for body work on our site. Dismiss