Barbara Myers, ND, CNC, MH is a traditional naturopath and Master Herbalist and a Certified Nutritional counselor.

Beth A. Mahon RN., BSAC, GRRNS, CAHAI, Community Health nurse and Barbara are the nurse and the naturopath.

The Nurse & the Naturopath consultation services offered by Willow Health are designed to educate and pursue optimum lifestyles, thus resulting in a healthier community.

As we enter 2019, Willow Health is transitioning our business to an online business for retail and a comprehensive website providing you with access to practitioners for your wellness needs.  Willow Health will be continuing to offer all of our classes at a different location.   The Nurse & the Naturopath are available for consultations.

And in case you are wondering…Strider (pictured here) is our mascot!

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Willow Health & Wellness Center introduces our new website and online store. As we transition from a storefront to an online presence we want to let you know that we will still be offering all of the services we did in the store such as naturopathic consultations, various classes for herbal learning and DIY projects, Ion cleanse, ear candling, Bach flower analysis and we have contact info for body work on our site. Dismiss