Beth A. Mahon, R.N., B.S.A.C., G.R.R.N.S., A.H.A.I

Hello, my name is Beth A. Mahon R.N., B.S.A.C., G.R.R.N.S., and A.H.A.I… Any questions? What do all these letters mean? My goal is to benefit you with your wellness challenges; resulting in a healthy lifestyle, additionally YOU WILL FEEL GREAT!

Your first guess is correct; I am a Registered Nurse with thirty-five years of extensive medical surgical experience. Many diverse years learning the various fields of nursing, such as working with orthopedic injuries, oral surgery doctor’s office, recovery room with intensive care tools and administering anesthesia medications. I pursued a Bachelor’s degree in the Science of Addictions Counseling, which includes mental health, addictions and substance abuse. I have completed an Internship working with various mental health challenges, such as individuals with two different diagnoses. One may be depression and alcoholism. Some other clients were struggling with drug abuse of many combinations. There were also gambling, eating disorders, shopping and pornography addictions. A personal goal of mine is to maintain a well- rounded, and up to date with the beneficial educational opportunities within the health care fields, including integrating alternative health options.

Life takes many twists and turns, therefore related to personal familial issues, I studied online with Penn State and The University of Pittsburgh, earning a Geriatric Registered Resource Nurse challenges Specialist, sponsored by the Pennsylvania Coalition for the Elderly. This allows me to assist the elderly population with the diverse, which they face as their health and lifestyle alters. Advocating for individuals dealing with various health diagnoses, is extremely rewarding. This is a volunteer position, which I choose within my Faith Community, to serve with a committed, caring touch. Remembering consistently age does not determine your identity or worth. The elderly has earned respect through the wisdom of their lives’ vast experiences. May we never forget the contribution every life offers to this world.

Another calling upon my life is to teach. I am a licensed American Heart Association Instructor, teaching C.P.R. classes on many levels, to meet the needs of the individuals seeking their education, required by their careers, or personal interests. When I have time, I also teach at an Associate’s Degree College, in their Allied Health Care program. Presently I am earning a Master’s of Science in Nursing, with education leading the path for numerous opportunities.

One of my newest encounters is learning and teaching at a Health and Wellness Center with a Naturopath. This is also a volunteer position, which I apply my talents in combination with the Naturopath, assisting the community in supplements to healthier lifestyle alternatives. There are several health care professionals at the Wellness Center, massage, yoga, reflexology and essential oil instructors. We also offer countless classes and scores of training and special events. Together the initial evaluation with “The Nurse and the Naturopath” is free. The foundations and goals discussed between the clients and the team culminate in a total wellness picture for the different and unique individuals we serve.

We look forward to meeting with everyone who desires wellness and healthier lifestyles for themselves and their families. Remember care to share!