Bach Flower Therapy

“Seek the outstanding mental conflict in the person, give him the remedy that will overcome that conflict and all the hope and encouragement you can, then the virtue within him will, itself do all the rest.”
Dr. Edward Bach

What is Bach Flower Therapy?

There is no doubt that allopathic medicine has had great success in fighting physical illness. But it can do nothing against spiritual and emotional suffering. Modern medicine and its drastic measures of chemical-technical therapy has driven the pathogenic locus of illness from the outside to the inside and increased the incidence of mental and emotional illness. Dr. Edward Bach more than fifty years ago developed “flower therapy” which focused on the mental and emotional factors as causes of illness.

Bach flower therapy does not take aim at the physical manifestations of illness but instead looks to the underlying or predominantly mental and emotional issues and aims to treat the psychic symptoms rather then physical symptoms. He was convinced that no toxic (or poisonous) substance could ever really function as a cure. Dr. Bach had quite an understanding of the mind and that the mind controlled the physical. Treat the personality and not the disease was the foundation of the new system founded by Dr. Bach.

Dr. Bach gives credit where credit is due: “And may we ever have gratitude in our hearts that the Creator in all of His Glory has placed herbs in the field of our healing.”

How does it work?

Dr. Bach believed that there are several types of personalities or moods. He identified them as fear, terror, worry, indecision, uncertainty, indifference, apathy, doubt, discouragement, over caring, weakness, impatience, self-distrust, over enthusiasm, pride or aloofness. Once he indentified the mood or personality, he would prepare a remedy from his “flowers”. He would carefully pick the blossoms of the flower and place them in a bowl with pure water in the sunlight until the petals showed signs of withering. The petals were removed and the magnetic solution was given to the patient. He has such astounding results that his work was referred to as the “new medicine”.

The flowers work with the psyche to correct excesses and balance the personality. They adjust one’s attitude and alters one’s perspective towards one’s life situations. By normalizing the mind, the sick body can begin to heal itself.

Willow Health Bach Flower therapy

We have you fill out a questionaire which will evaluate the areas in your life in which you need some assistance from the flowers. Once this is determined, we make a 1 ounce remedy bottle of those flowers you tested for and that is included in your session. We are happy to refill the bottle if you feel you still need the assistance or we can retest you for a reduced fee.

Initial fee for consultation is $40

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