Ear Candling

Ancient Therapy


Relieving ringing in the ears (Tinnitus)
May relieve sinus pain or pressure
Removes wax build up
Swimmer’s Ear
Itchy Ears (often caused by yeast, mold or dairy allergies)
Helps the body to naturally deal with blockages in the ears.

One ear candling session is $20.

To make an appointment call 215-997-2838 or email barb@willowhealthfood.com

Willow Health & Wellness Center introduces our new website and online store. As we transition from a storefront to an online presence we want to let you know that we will still be offering all of the services we did in the store such as naturopathic consultations, various classes for herbal learning and DIY projects, Ion cleanse, ear candling, Bach flower analysis and we have contact info for body work on our site. Dismiss