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Willow Health & Wellness Center is in Chalfont PA offering:

Holistic health solutions with a professionally educated and trained naturopath

Body work: myofascial release, reflexology & massage

Yoga classes

Tai chi easy classes

DIY classes - make soap, lotion, deodorant, candles & more

Herbal learning classes

Aromatherapy classes

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Barbara Myers, the owner of Willow Health Food & Wellness Center is a Doctor of Naturopathy. Her diploma has those exact words on it and she has practiced as a naturopath for years. For a description of what "naturopathy" is, go here. There is a new course of study which has been around for approximately 30 years which graduates people with a degree that says they are "naturopathic physicians". This course work is a combination of allopathic medicine and naturopathy. Their's is an "integrative" approach to medicine with their main thrust on allopathic medicine as they have stated on their websites that they seek to replace the GP.

These people and their organization have been trying to discredit the naturopaths who have studied naturopathy and practiced as naturopaths. They introduce bills that would allow no one but them and those who graduate from their schools to use the words naturopathic and call themselves a naturopath. These people do not play well with others. They want to be the only ones that can use and variation of the word naturopathic. However the field of naturopathy has been cultivated by us traditional naturopaths for over 100 years. We have no problem with others joining us in this field but we do have a problem when they try to put us out of business legislatively. So far they have been unsuccessful legislatively. Last year they introduced a bill that will effectively put naturopaths out of business. This is a link to PATNA or PA Traditional Naturopaths Association and an explantion of this legislation.

If you are a PA resident who values naturopathy and the FREEDOM to be in your own business and practice as you have been trained then please contact your local state representative and oppose HP834. There is a lot of info about this legislation on the link above to PATNA's website.

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Willow Health Food & Wellness Center is a local Bucks County health & wellness center. Our vision at Willow Health is to be a healing and gathering place where people find their needs met, whether it is to help with health challenges, advice on supplements and holisitic approaches to health & wellness or if it is to treat yourself to a fun and relaxing day of learning and nurturing. We love to teach and nurture here and our staff enjoys working with our customers.

"At Willow Health we believe that the body can heal itself of almost anything if cleared of toxins and given the proper nutrition, rest, mental outlook and natural stimulation.  We can help you to identify the cause of your problems, eliminate toxins, recommend natural herbs and vitamins to deal with deficiencies and stimulate the body's natural healing abilities."

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