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We are now located at 4309 County Line Rd.  Suite A, Chalfont

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Willow Health Food & Wellness Center is offering healthy and healing products and foods, lectures, classes, massage reflexology and acupuncture. The services we offer are listed under the Wellness Center and our products are listed under the Product Category. Please call us with any questions!! Or come in and ask our knowledgeable staff your questions or concerns.

Barbara Myers is a Traditional Naturopath, a Certified Nutritional Counselor and a Master Herbalist. She has been involved in the Natural Health field for over 25 years. She has counseled individuals in health and wellness and she practices what she preaches. Barbara began studying Jin Shin Jyutsu three years ago and continues in this study of a lifetime. She has satisfied the requirements to be a Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner and has added this valuable healing art to her practice.

"I believe that the body can heal itself of almost anything if cleared of toxins and given the proper nutrition, rest, mental outlook and natural stimulation.  I can help you to identify the cause of your problems, eliminate toxins, recommend natural herbs and vitamins to deal with deficiencies and stimulate the body's natural healing abilities."

Willow Health Food & Wellness Center continues to serve all of the valued customers that have found unique products, supplements and helpful advice at The Health Food Store.

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Ion Cleanse Treatments are available everyday. $25/30 minute treatment. Special 6-pak. Buy 5 get one FREE.

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Traditional Naturopathy

A Traditional Naturopath specializes in wellness. Specifically teaching clients how applying natural lifestyle approaches can act to facilitate the body's healing and health building potential. The traditional naturopath does not undertake to diagnose or treat disease but recognizes that the majority of sub-health conditions are cumulative effects. Also the underlying cause of disease is improper diet, unhealthy habits and environmental factors that cause biological imbalances leading to a weakening of the body's defenses and subsequent breakdown in health. The practice of traditional naturopathy is not considered the practice of medicine and is legal in all 50 states, however, some states have made naturopathy illegal unless licensed. This is because legislature is grouping traditional naturopaths with naturopathic physicians. Naturopathic physicians have a 4-year degree that includes pharmacology and minor surgery, which should require a license.

The practice of traditional naturopathy is recognized as a common occupation at the federal level (U.S. Congress 1928, 1929, 1930, and 30 Federal Court rulings between 1958 and 1978) and in such a profession is protected under the 14th and 9th Amendments to the U.S. Constitution. Several states have also made this stipulation either by statute or in the Courts.

All disease is one and what medical doctors call diseases are only symptoms of a greater underlying problem. Disease is nothing more than a manifestation of our body trying to correct imbalances. Imbalances due to faulty nutritional habits, improper rest, stress and other lifestyle considerations which over time result in a weakening of the body. By the time disease appears on the scene it is very late in the game.

Our body tells us early on when there is a problem and we can either respond to this message or try to suppress the symptoms that the body uses to tell us there is a problem. You can take ibuprofen, or other drugs to suppress the symptoms and they will help for a short time. However, unless the underlying problem is corrected, eventually the symptoms will no longer be helped by these drugs and one will need to take stronger and stronger drugs to quiet the body's message. If the underlying problem has not been addressed, the body will begin to break down structurally. At this time modern medicine is finally capable of diagnosing that something is really wrong and offer interventions to fix the structure, but still medical doctors fail to address the underlying problem.

Naturopathy concentrates on identifying destructive aspects in lifestyles that lead to imbalances. Before symptoms manifest and long before a diagnosis can be rendered, these destructive aspects of our lifestyle can be identified and corrected. Once corrected, the body automatically corrects itself. Diagnosing disease and illness is totally unnecessary to correcting the underlying problems that result in disease and illness. A true healer does not waste his time concentrating on naming diseases but rather on identifying those underlying factors that if not addressed result in the manifestation of disease and illness. These factors can be identified and corrected long before it is even possible to make any diagnosis. Even after a diagnosis is made the same concepts of healing used by traditional naturopaths are equally effective because once balance is restored the body automatically heals itself.

Vitamins & Supplements

Listed are some of the major Vitamin & Supplement brands we haveat the store:

We are now carrying 35% Food Grade Pure H2O2 (Hydrogen Peroxide)
35% Pure Hydrogen Peroxide Uses
Oxidative Therapy

  • American Health
  • Barleans Oils
  • Cellfood
  • Country Life
  • Designs for Health
  • Doctors Best
  • Dr. Lamar
  • Enzymatic Therapy
  • Enzymedica
  • Futurebiotics
  • Gaia
  • Herbal Clean
  • Jarrow formulas
  • KAL
  • Life Extension
  • Life's Fortune
  • Lumino DE
  • MegaFoods
  • Meta Labs
  • Michaels Naturopathic
  • MRM
  • Natural Factors
  • Natural Vitality
  • Nature's Answer
  • Nature's Herbs
  • Natures Plus
  • Natures Sunshine
  • Natures Way
  • Nordic Naturals
  • NOW
  • Paradise Herbals
  • Plantetary Formulas
  • Rainbow Light
  • Renew Life
  • Solaray
  • Solgar
  • Source Naturals
  • Solgar
  • Terry Naturally
  • Twin Lab

Protein powders

  • Betty Lou's Low Glycemic Protein
  • Biochem
  • Designer Whey
  • Jarrow Plant Proteins
  • Jarrow Whey Protein
  • PGX
  • Nutribiotic Rice Protein
  • Nature's Sunshine Pea Protein & Smart Meals
  • Plant Fushion
  • Solgar Whey-To-Go Protein
  • Spirutein
  • Whey Factors


  • Bach Flower Remedies
  • bioAllers
  • Boiron
  • Heel
  • Hylands
  • Newton's Homeopathics
  • Similasan
  • Source Naturals

Super Foods

  • Amazing Grass
  • Barleans
  • Betty Lou's
  • Braggs
  • Dried beans & legumes
  • Food Science of Vermont
  • Greens +
  • Natures Plus
  • Nuts, Seeds, Dried fruits & Trail mixes in prepackaged bulk food section
  • Shiloh Farms

Gluten Free Food

  • Ener-G
  • Betty Lou
  • DandyBlend tea

Health & Beauty Aids

  • Acure
  • Aura Cacia
  • Arbor Essential Oils
  • Aubrey
  • Cellfood
  • Desert Life
  • Dr. Bonner
  • Earth Science
  • Emerita
  • Green Beaver
  • HerbaTint
  • Jason
  • Kathys Family All Natural Healing products
  • Kiss My Face
  • Millcreek
  • Natures Gate
  • NaturTint
  • NOW
  • Nutribiotic
  • Peaceful Mountain
  • PlantLife
  • Reviva
  • Shi Kai
  • Simple Sister soaps
  • Tates
  • Thai Crystals
  • Toms
  • Weleda



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