Pure Beeswax

Willow Health Pure Beeswax

Barbara Myers, ND, MH

Beeswax is completely organic and all natural. There is nothing in it that the little bees didn’t put there themselves.  It’s made by the bees, and 60 pounds of honey are produced for one pound of beeswax. It’s just the ‘jar’ in which the bees store the honey.  Beeswax also cleans the air while burning! This is because burning beeswax creates negative ions, which then capture and neutralize dust, odors, molds, bacteria and other toxins. Air contains billions of electrically charged particles called ions. Ions act upon our capacity to absorb and utilize oxygen, and therefore cause powerful effects on our lives and well being. The ions in the air can affect our mood, energy and health. Negative ions actually feel good. Too many positive ions make us feel bad and they are loaded down with pollution and allergens that are drawn to them and suspended in the air. Negative ions, on the other hand, remove the pollution and allergens from positive ions, allowing them to drop harmlessly to the ground.  Many people, especially those who suffer from allergies, find that burning beeswax candles for 30 minutes or so before going to bed produces a more restful sleep.

Since 100% pure beeswax naturally has a wonderful scent and color, there is no need to add potentially toxic fragrances and colors. It is clean burning, sweet smelling and richly colored, all naturally. It’s no wonder that beeswax was chosen above any other candle material, both as the purest offering in prayer and for use by royalty throughout the centuries.  In olden times, it was reserved for royalty, and you could pay your church dues in beeswax.

Beeswax never goes bad but does get a powder called bloom on it.  The powder can be wiped off, blown off with a blow dryer or when the beeswax is melted the bloom disappears.  Beeswax bloom appears only on PURE beeswax so bloom is an indication that your beeswax is pure.  It does not effect the quality of the beeswax or the burning of a beeswax candle.

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