How to Make Lip balm

Heavenly Lip balm

This is your basic lip balm recipe.  You can swap out the (liquid at room temp) oils for other similar oils you may like the oil listed.


Add all ingredients (except the essential oil) together and heat.  When melted, add the essential oil and stir until it is incorporated throughout.  Pour the mixture into the tubes and allow to cool.

It is normal to fill the tube and as it cools and contracts a little to have a shallow pit in the middle of the tube.  I have also found that once they are cooled, it you put them in the freezer for a couple hours they keep better.


the measurement is in ounces

Beeswax          .55
Shea butter     .33
Cocoa butter   .10
Almond oil      .63

Peppermint essential oil …. up to 10 drops

Makes approximately 9 tubes

How to make lip balm





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