Basic Soap Recipe

Ingredients     Ounces

Olive oil                5 oz
Coconut oil            5 oz
Palm oil                 2.5 oz
Castor oil              1.25 oz
Palm kernel           2.5 oz
Distilled water       5 oz
Lye                        2.38 oz
Superfat                1 oz
Essential oil or fragrance oil as desired

This is a cold process soap recipe which makes 1 pound of soap or (4) 4 oz bars.  If you have never make cold process soap I would strongly suggest you take a class first before you start making it yourself.  Handling lye is a dangerous and you should always be extremely careful handling lye.  I recommend rubber gloves, an apron and protective glasses while handling lye. 

Willow Health schedules the HOW TO MAKE SOAP class every month.  Check out our calendar of events.

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