DIY classes

We, at Willow Health love making DIY projects. We teach several classes on making soaps, making herbal preparations and aromatherapy. Most of the recipes are on the Willow Health blog so the links will take you there. Please feel free to comment on any of these recipes.

Basic soap recipe

3 of my favorite lotion recipes

DIY classes should be:

Ingredients     Ounces

Olive oil                 5 oz
Coconut oil             5 oz
Palm oil                   2.5 oz
Castor oil                 1.25 oz
Palm kernel              2.5 oz
Distilled water         5 oz
Lye                           2.38 oz
Superfat                   1 oz
Essential oil or fragrance oil as desired

This is a cold process soap recipe which makes 1 pound of soap or (4) 4 oz bars.  If you have never make cold process soap I would strongly suggest you take a class first before you start making it yourself.  Handling lye is a dangerous and you should always be extremely careful handling lye.  I recommend rubber gloves, an apron and protective glasses while handling lye. 

Willow Health has HOW TO MAKE SOAP classes every month.  Check out our calendar of events.



During this class you will learn how to:

•    Work with beeswax
•    All the wonderful qualities of beeswax
•    How to make tealights
•    How to make tapers
•    The topic of what wick is the best for this wax
•    I will share the important conclusions that I have come to over many years when it comes to making and burning beeswax candles.When I make a candle I want it to burn cleanly, burn all the way down without dripping and have no left over wax NOR a crater down the middle of the candle as paraffin pillars tend to do.
•    Everyone will get a pair of tealights & a pair of 6” tapers
•    A list of tried resources, local and on the internet will be provided

We will be making tealights & tapers during this class.

Barbara Myers has been using beeswax for many purposes for years and LOVES the wax and how glorious it burns in a taper. She will give you a thorough appreciation of this golden treasure.  Read more about Barbara.

There is a $40 fee for this class.
You must register to attend this class.  NO DROP INS!!
To register call 215-997-2838 or email

View our calendar of events to see when this class is offered.

Willow Health & Wellness Center introduces our new website and online store. As we transition from a storefront to an online presence we want to let you know that we will still be offering all of the services we did in the store such as naturopathic consultations, various classes for herbal learning and DIY projects, Ion cleanse, ear candling, Bach flower analysis and we have contact info for body work on our site. Dismiss