Special Discounts at Willow Health


Willow Health discounting is changing…..

Senior Tuesday 20% discount is ending.  Senior discount is everyday 10%

Sale items that are on SALE will remain on sale.  Being on SALE means they are specially discounted. 

Everyday discounts such as 15% off all Solgar, etc. will go away

Discounting will be:

Spend $50 and get 5% off entire purchase

Spend $75 get 10% off entire purchase

Spend $100 get 15% off entire purchase

If you use cash or a check you will get an additional 2% off your purchase. 


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Willow Health & Wellness Center introduces our new website and online store. As we transition from a storefront to an online presence we want to let you know that we will still be offering all of the services we did in the store such as naturopathic consultations, various classes for herbal learning and DIY projects, Ion cleanse, ear candling, Bach flower analysis and we have contact info for body work on our site. Dismiss