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Tuesday 10 - 6 ~ Wednesday 10 - 5:30 ~ Thursday - Friday 10 - 6:00 ~ Saturday 10 - 5 ~ Closed Sunday & Monday
The Wellness Center is OPEN on Mondays for appointments

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Willow Health Food & Wellness Center is a local Bucks County health & wellness center. Our vision at Willow Health is to be a healing and gathering place where people find their needs met, whether it is to help with health challenges, advice on supplements and holisitic approaches to health & wellness or if it is to treat yourself to a fun and relaxing day of learning and nurturing. We love to teach and nurture here and our staff enjoys working with our customers.

"At Willow Health we believe that the body can heal itself of almost anything if cleared of toxins and given the proper nutrition, rest, mental outlook and natural stimulation.  We can help you to identify the cause of your problems, eliminate toxins, recommend natural herbs and vitamins to deal with deficiencies and stimulate the body's natural healing abilities."

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Tuesday is SENIOR DAY at Willow Health. Details.....

Do you love doing DIY projects but need some help with recipes and tehcniques? We are available to help you. Call for more information or Schedule NOW.

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